We live our own way here in Eastern North Carolina. Join us in our discussions of frugality, self sufficiency, gardening, and homeschooling.


We live on a few acres between two small towns in eastern NC and are working our way towards a more self sufficient life which we believe is really just God providing for us through various means.  We are just in the beginning stages and have been for several years.

What we currently do:
  • Gardening in both raised beds and directly in the ground
  • Planting berries and other small fruits
  • Raising chickens for eggs and meat
  • Working from home and saving transportation costs
  • "Do it yourself" projects such as installing our own hardwood floors and building structures for our chickens.
  • Homeschooling our kids
  • Visit local "u pick" farms and purchase our beef some a local man in the next county over.
  • Utilize the sun by opening curtains in a large window for heating (this doesn't heat the whole house) and light during the winter
  • Block the sun via thermal curtains and aluminum foil in the summer
 Our dreams include:
  • Turning our recently cut over land into pasture and orchards
  • Raising Goats for milk and meat
  • Paying off our Mortgage Early
  • Utilizing wind or solar energy
  • Purchasing a white metal roof to aid with cooling
  • Continuing to stay at home as a family
Other things we thought about:
  • Beekeeping- currently we have family that does this and has been gracious enough to provide us with free honey so we are taking advantage for the time being and giving eggs to them as possible.
  • Pigs- we've thought about using them as a means to clear out some of the stumps on our land and of course using them for meat. We haven't ruled them out but they aren't currently on the radar either.
This blog will be a journal of our journey and allow us to share our philosophy of life.

If you would like to contact us, you may e-mail by clickinig  here