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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saving Money on Clothes

I came from a family who looked down on people for buying used clothing and at first I felt wrong purchasing special occasion outfits such as Christmas and Easter dresses used.  And while we don't purchase special outfits every year, I have gotten some really great looking outfits for just a couple of dollars. I have been made fun of for being "cheap" many times.  In fact, one such conversation seems to have gone like this:

Family member: I purchased my son's name brand clothes on sale!
Me: If you had purchased them all from a consignment shop or yard sale, you could save tons of money.
Family member: Gross! You are so cheap. I'll bet your youngest FindingOurWay is wearing the older one's old under wear!  (The youngest was 2 and the oldest was 5 at the time.)
Me: Yeah, actually she is. They are her old training pants. What's the difference in purchasing used cloth diapers and letting one of my children wear their siblings old training pants?

At this point, I lost the family member's understanding completely.  We are always happy to take any hand me downs people give us and choose to purchase used or on deep discount.  I do compare what shclothing in a consignment op costs compared to the outlet store prices and base what I'm willing to purchase on that.  It's not just children, we purchase for ourselves at consignment and thrift shops as well.  We just don't need adult clothes very often.  No, we aren't the most stylish people.

When clothes are outgrown, they are put in a tub for the next child to wear labeled with the size and gender.  They always come out of the attic fine even after years of storage and we don't have to spend more more money.  Chances are that our new baby will end  up wearing clothing and diapers that have already been through at least four children and for years, she'll never know the difference.  Their will be outfits that I love on her that I didn't like so much on the other girls and there will be disappointing moments when my favorite outfits from the other girls don't look as good on her.

How do our kids feel about wearing used clothes?
Shortcake was about 3 1/2 years old when she said "Mommy, when am I going to get clothes CupCake hasn't already worn?"

She now gets new or at least different clothes purchased at deep discount for Christmas and birthdays.  It may also be the comments I would make about how much I'd loved it when her sister wore certain outfits that caused her comment. I've noticed that she gravitates naturally towards a different style than CupCake wearing the clothes Cupake never wanted to wear even from a young age.

CupCake was about 8 when we explained that her clothes had previously been worn by someone else.  She asked us out right why we didn't purchase clothes new. When I explained the price difference, she said "Why would anyone want to pay that much for clothes? "

She is still happy purchasing her clothes used.

Cheapest Places for Used Clothes (in order of cheapness)

1. Yard Sales
2. Thrift Shops
3. Consignment Shops- I've found the ones in the country are cheaper than the ones near a city.
4. ThredUp - sell and buy clothes online! I admit, I've only purchased from here but I've had very good experiences with my purchases. If you plan to sell here this can moved moved up the list in order of preference and cheapness.  Using this link for your first order will give you $10 off your first order.
5. Outlet stores and sales

What about you?  How do you save money on clothes?

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