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Monday, November 14, 2011

Liberated from Insurance? Part 5 Prescriptions

So far in our series on being uninsured, we have discussed how to cover catastrophic events, maintenance healthcare, and labwork.  What about prescription medications we might need?
Having a high deductible insurance plan, we are already used to getting our prescriptions, if possible, off the $4 list at Walmart.  There are also numerous companies out there that offer prescription drug cards. Many are quite reputable and very few care about pre-existing conditions.  Often these cards are free.  There are some trade offs to free prescriptions cards as many of them use your data for research just as a grocery store uses your data for research when you use their discount cards.
Some of the the cost sharing ministries also have their own discount drug cards.

Do you have a favorite prescription discount card that you like to use?

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