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Saturday, June 26, 2010

How do you preserve your fruit?

It is definately berry season and I thought I would write a little about how I preserve our fruit.  This is our third year going to pick blueberries at a local blueberry farm.  The first year, I made the traditional jam with jam and sugar being the only ingredients.  The second year, I did the same thing and also froze half.  This year, again I froze half and jammed half using a different recipe.

What is the difference between jelly and jam?  Jelly is fruit juices gelled.  Jam is crushed fruit and and juices.   Ofcourse there are other ways to preserve fruit that I'm not going to get into here such as preserves, conserves, butters, etc. 

We cook our jam and can it.  I prefer this so that it doesn't take up our precious freezer space and the cans are so convenient to grab out of the cabinet and dump into my muffin batter.

How do your preserve your fruit and why?


  1. Last year I either made jam or dehydrated, mostly. I did can some figs in a light sugar syrup and we liked those. We loved the dehydrated figs, but I thought the dehydrated blueberries were only so-so in muffins and pancakes. Maybe I'll try to can some as is this year, thanks for the suggestion. I also thought I'd make and can blueberry pie filling, as that's convenient too. I agree about freezer space, plus I seem to have a harder time keeping track of and finding things in the freezer.

  2. Leigh, we've run into the problem of finding things in the freezer too. Things just seem to get lost in there! I do like frozen blueberries for snacks as it's a nice replacement for icecream. I had forgotten about the dehydrator! Have you tried to make fruit leather in it?

  3. No I haven't, but it's on my list of things to try. Jerky too. So far we've enjoyed rehydrating fruits for baked goods mostly. The best thing about drying is that the final product takes up less space (and doesn't get lost!) :)

  4. This conversation reminds me, dehydrated watermelon! It's just like a fruit leather but easier. I was wondering how we'd eat all those melons and your comment about fruit leather reminded me about that!

  5. oh that's neat. I have a friend that makes popscicles out of water melon. I thought that was a neat idea!