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Monday, April 19, 2010

News From the Garden

Our garden is doing quite well despite the fact that we were unable to water it for two weeks and the chickens almost destroyed it this weekend. The nozzle on our garden hose broke and we were so busy with other things that we never seemed to be able to get out and get another one.

On Saturday, I finally had the new nozzle and was watering the garden when I heard the youngest FindingOurWay screaming. She was doing a "trick" on the swing and had landed on the ground rather than the swing. I dropped the hose and ran to her. I scooped her up and sat on the porch swing with her while I checked her out to make sure she was ok. She was fine but a little shaken up. During this time, the oldest FindingOurWay was asking if she could water the garden. I told her that was fine and continued to calm the youngest one. After awhile, the FindingOurWay announces that the garden is watered and I didn't give it a second thought....until I came back from running an errand later that day and the garden was filled with chickens perched on the raised beds eating out of it! The fence had been left open earlier. I should have checked it. Really...if I hadn't been so worried about all the hard work I'd put in...it would have made a beautiful picture of some mischievous chickens. However, my first thought was not to run inside our house and grab the camera.

Later that night, we also realized that the hose had been left on. No big deal, the new nozzle was keeping a lot of the water from running out all over the place, but water conservation is definitely an area that we need work on.

Our Garden did survive.  Here are some recent pictures:
The radishes are about ready to harvest!

The peas are getting taller!
The Greens continue to be leafy.

Look what MrLivingOurWay found in the peas yesterday.  This is what is left of a birds nest that was built in this exact spot.  What an odd place to build a nest. Have you seen such a thing before?


  1. Oh my, the adventures of a homesteader. This is the stuff blogs are made of! So glad your youngest was all right and that the garden wasn't totally demolished by the chickens! Photos are looking good.

  2. Thanks Leigh. Yes the adventures of a homesteader. I wouldn't change my life for anything.