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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Family Affair

When I started this blog, I told MrLivingOurWay about it sort of as a way to ask permission to record our lives for anyone to see.  He is a very private person so I wasn't sure he was going to approve..  He told me I was welcome to create the blog.  I promptly began to take pictures of our activities around the house and follow him around with the camera.  I figured this might bother him but he never complained.  After a few weeks, he did ask for the address and looked over a few pages. When he was done, he told me it looked like a blog.  He's really been indifferent about the whole thing.  Eventually, I would like to have the whole family in on the action with the kids writing some posts as part of their schooling and having MrLivingOurWay write some posts to share his knowlege first hand. For now, I don't have a lot of confident writers jumping at the opportunity to makes posts.  MrLivingOurWay and the oldest FindingOurWay are both mathematically minded which may explain their lack of interest in writing. 

Yesterday, MrLivingOurWay showed some definate interest in the blog when he came running into the house telling me to grab the camera and come outside!  I grabbed my camera and asked what was so important.  He informed me that he had planted kiwis and I needed to get a picture for our blog.  We had actually planted kiwis  at the same time that we planted blueberries this year but they didn't live. So this is take two.

So, here are the pictures that I took of our kiwis. These kiwis are not the fuzzy kind that we usually see in the store. They will be much smaller. We did find out that there is a way to grow the larger fuzzy ones in our climate but it takes a lot of work to prepare them for winter.

The female kiwi plant which must be planted 12-15 feet from a male kiwi

The Kiwi male plant.


  1. Oh wow! Congratulations (on the interest and the kiwis!) Growing kiwi is one of our long term plans, as well.

    My husband isn't interested in contributing, but is interested in the blog. He reads most of my posts (unless they're too long. Then he only reads them if they're about the children!) Sometimes he comments, but he frequently says things like "This is going to end up in a blog post, isn't it?" or "That's a bloggable moment."

  2. Dana, it's funny how having a blog suddenly turns things that would otherwise be a disaster into a great story! MrLivingOurWay has only visited our blog twice but I guess he finds what he sees acceptable.

  3. Oh, you have hardy kiwis! Good for you. Maybe I should add these to my wish list.

    I think it's great that your DH is showing in interest in contributing to your blog. Though mine is all for our homestead blog, he is not, will not, nowhere near being interested in becoming a computer person. Gosh, I even have to do his blog. :)

  4. Leigh, I wouldn't have thought about Kiwi but fruit is on the mind lately as that seems to be a large portion of our grocery bill that we need to replace. It's all in the works but as you know it takes quite a while to grow. I don't know that MrLivingOurWay will ever contribute other than suggesting pictures but he is very good with the computer so it's a possibility one day.

  5. It's funny that the female kiwi is cute and petite and the male kiwi is much bigger, hardier hahaha.

  6. Kiwis? I would have never thought to plant them...I guess I think of them as a more tropical plant (although you're way more toprical than I am! LOL ) My kids love kiwis, though...maybe we should look into them. I'm guessing you need both male and female for pollination, right? Does only the female plant produce fruit then? (dumb questions, I know!) Hmmm, maybe I should ask FIL about having them in his greenhouse with the lemon trees! LOL

  7. Yes, you must have both a male and a female. Only the female will produce fruit. I'm not sure which zones ours are good for. I know that we would have to mound dirt up for the regular fuzzy kind in the winter time.

  8. How interesting! I've never seen a kiwi plant before. I look forward to seeing how the fruit turns out! :)