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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Save Up To $50 Per Month on Drinks

How much can a family save by drinking water?

Water is the cheapest beverage to drink so long as you are not buying it in a nice plastic bottle. Our family can easily go through one 2 liter bottle of soda per day or a bottle of juice. We usually buy soda on sale for an average of 70 cents a bottle (MrLivingOurWay loves his soda and purchases it occasionally but he really makes it last). If I multiply 70 cents times thirty, I get $21. Our filters will usually last two months and are about $17.30 each. We have a well rather than water service but I don’t imagine that the cost of drinking water is enough to calculate. Now let’s suppose we are drinking a bottle of juice a day. We buy juice for an average of $2.00 per bottle. That’s $60 per month!

For the first two years that I was married, I drank only water because we had a very small grocery budget and could not afford anything else. I was also the healthiest that I’d been for many years before that.

Our bodies need water for many functions including regulating body temperature, lubricating and cushioning joints, protecting the spinal cord and other tissues, and flushing wastes from your body. So just how much water does your body actually need? This varies from person to person. The most consistent statement seems to be eight 8 ounce glasses per day. Since this depends on your body size, physical activity, current health and other factors, one would assume that children needs less than the above amount and large adults need more. Remember, if your family is healthier, you are probably spending less money at the doctor.

In the recent years, there has been some negative publicity about water. Water contamination is one such story that has come out. We remedied this by purchasing relatively inexpensive water filters (ours go on our sink). Another story involves drinking TOO much water. As long as you are thirsty, you are not drinking too much.

What did we do to convince our household to start drinking more water?

1. Require one serving of water before other beverages can be consumed. If your children are used to drinking something sugared all the time, we recommend starting out with a smaller serving requirement and building up slowly over time. This rule is for adults in our house too, the kids were just harder to convert.

2. Water down juice. I have had people around here tell me that this is causing my children to “miss out on nutrients that they need.” We choose for our children to get their nutrition from food once they are beyond the bottle stage. Juice contains a lot of sugar and should be used sparingly anyway.

3. Remind everyone that thirst is quenched much better by water as opposed to other drink choices.

4.Water tastes much better when it is cold. We can’t seem to get ours cold enough coming out of the tap. We refrigerate our water in a pitcher or repurposed container if possible.

Water is good for both your health and your budget. In many cases, it can be “produced” on site making you more self sufficient.

I have been looking for other drinks that are just as cheap and unprocessed. What do you drink?


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