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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Road Trip!

Sometimes, I worry about when we get all the livestock that MrLivingOurWay is planning. Currently, we have chickens, but they are okay for a day or two with enough feed. I worry that we’ll be so tied to home that we won’t ever be able to leave because the animals will need to be fed daily and possibly even milked. Yesterday, I realized that we don’t have to give up day trips. We can get up, do our chores, leave early, and still be back in time to do it again.

Yesterday, we had the best day. As planned, the eldest FindingOurWay doubled up on a couple of school subjects the day before the trip and doubled up the rest when we get home. We took a trip to the state capital of a whole different state just four hours from our house. We left a little after seven in the morning and arrived around eleven thirty just before lunch. We have a four year old and a seven year old, so there were plenty of bathroom breaks on the way. We had lunch at a very accommodating deli which used romaine lettuce leaves as buns rather than bread. We visited the capital building and then took the kids to see Alvin and the Chipmunks in the theater. The girls had never been to a movie before and had a ball. After the movie, we took the girls to a special restaurant that served gluten free pizza. We have been avoiding gluten in our house due to food sensitivities for months and although we’ve made some homemade pizza once in a while, going out was definitely a treat. I managed to luck out and also get a tomato free pizza. We could have been home by nine o’clock the same evening, but chose an inexpensive hotel a couple of hours from home instead so that we could get some work done without being exhausted when we got home. I tend to work in the car but someone has to drive.

Of course, we don’t do day trips that are that long often. It’s just nice to know that when I need an escape, I can have one.

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