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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Garden is Growing

Our spring garden has really been growing!  

I had many fears about gardening and, as I've mentioned, most of them went away as we started gardening in raised beds such as worrying that I'd step on a plant or a snake.  The fears I had left were being able to identify the plants that were coming up and telling the diference between a weed and a vegetable.  I'm getting much better at identifying the vegetables.

Here are some pictures that I captured recently. 



Just a few carrots pine trees have come up and we rarely seem to have luck with carrots. Do you have a good way to grow carrots?

Our beets are not coming up as neatly as some of our other plants either.

How is your garden growing this year? 


  1. Hello from Granville County!!! I'm interested to see how your garden does compared to mine! I'm getting excited to FINALLY have some warm weather so we can get our garden underway! Good luck and keep me updated!!!

  2. I don't really have a good solution for carrots. We planted them last year and they took FOREVER to grow. The tops looked wonderful, but they never got any larger than 'baby carrot' size. We finally just gave up and pulled them up. We snacked on them that afternoon. We'll try again this year.

  3. That's our experience too Meredith. We did one time actually get a nice sized carrot when we forgot we planted and pulled it up a year later :D. This year we are going to purposely leave them in longer and water more...we'll see. Other suggestions are definately welcome. We'd love to figure out the secret.