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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bringing Dad Home

My husband has always complained about his job. Honestly, I don’t think it was the work he didn’t like. He loved his work but he didn’t like being relied upon for family income and getting up early when he is clearly not an early bird.

Unlike many married couples, who start dating after there is a job to support the family or when there are restrictions about how often they can see each other, we met in college and spent almost every moment we weren’t in classes together. When we got married and got jobs, we became part of the rat race and saw each other very little. This led to growing apart and many disagreements. We loved each other when we could spend every minute together but the stress in our lives was stressing our love for each other.

With me doing well with my part time jobs, having fewer expenses, and emergency savings, we felt comfortable bringing my husband home to work too. He also got a part time job and we’ve lived fairly comfortably.

Having the entire family at home has brought many benefits including:

 No one is stressed about carrying the entire burden of supporting our family.

 Flexibility for trips and family activities.

 More attention for the children in schoolwork and play.

 We are more understanding of the things that happens to each of us during the day

 We have time to take care of ourselves more with better diets

 We have time for the things we love

 Living expenses are considerably lower

 Everyone is much happier!

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