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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An Afternoon Together

Mondays usually come with a fairly heavy workload from our outside employment that usually leaves us for very little time for our own.  Yesterday, we were pleasantly surprised to finish our work early and decided to work in the garden and spend an afternoon together as a family.

In the garden, the FindingOurWays and I weeded the beds that were planted with peas last week and another bed that we planted today, while MrLivingOurWay got right to work planting vegetables according to the plan he'd already drawn out on paper.  The peas are already sprouting! Here is a picture to the right. Today, we planted carrots, cabbage, radishes, beets and lettuce. Below is a picture of MrLivingOurWay and a FindingOurWay planting the carrots. Our onion patch in the picture on the right side.
Once we were done working in the garden, we took off for a walk with the dog on our "back five".  This area is a place where the dog can run free for now without us worrying about her harming the chickens and is also a place where we dream of orchards and a pasture for goats. Lots of work needs to take place before those dreams become a reality and we are still thinking about how we want to accomplish those goals.

Today on our walk, we saw many interesting creatures.  Below is a picture of MrLivingOurWay showing the FindingOurWays a salamander.

Right: Picture of a slug that we found under a log we moved. Below: MrLivingOurWay with our dog, Butterscotch

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